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December 2014 - Purchase and Contract Settlement of the property
February 2015 - Tender/Contract Sign
April 2015 - Pre-Construction exterior plans and variations
May 2015 - Interior selections, tiling variations
June 2015 - Demolition, Contract PA's quantified (hydraulics and sewer)
July 2015 - Continued... construction file estimation process, Site Supervisor assigned
  • July 16th - Site Supervisor (Mark Smith) assigned and Construction file release
  • July 22nd - SS Construction File pickup and review 
  • July 30th - Site Fencing and Peg out
August 2015
September 2015
October 2015
November 2015
December 2015
January 2016
February 2016
  • February 5th - Upper roof tiling complete, cladding and eaves
  • February 20th - Cladding complete and upper eaves, cladding and downpipes painted 
  • February 22nd - Scaffold dropped down to lower roof
March 2016
  • March 8th - Lower roof tiling complete
  • March 17th - Electrical rough-in
  • March 18th - Waterproofing
  • March 23rd - AC indoor unit mounted. Welding of beams, priming, and frame straightening
  • March 24th - Gas meter installed. Electrical service mains connected
  • March 25th - Ceiling and wall Insulation delivered
  • March 28th - Ceiling and wall Insulation installed
  • March 30th - Plaster delivered
April 2016
  • April 1st - Plaster fixing
  • April 2nd - Plaster edge/join/corner set
  • April 16th - Rainwater tank installed and Garage Door
  • April 19th - Stairs Installed (50%)
  • April 30th - 25% Painting done
May 2016
  • May the 4th be with you - Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom cabinetry installed
  • May 10th - 50% Painting done
  • May 12th - Kitchen and Vanity benchtops installed
  • May 16th - Tiling starts
June 2016
  • June 18th - Tiling Complete
  • June 27th - Stairs fully completed
  • June 30th - Final plumbing fitout, Shower Screens, and internal painting 75%
July 2016
  • July 1st - Site fence removed
  • July 14th - Walk in Linen, Pantry and Wardrobe fitout
  • July 21st - Main bathroom vanity wall 're-tiled' due to crooked bulkhead


  1. Hey here I read your post on Homeone and also find link to your blog here. After see your house ceiling and wall use Bradford Gold R3.5 just wonder what's R rate you use for interal wall studs? As we build with Coral homes and they use Bradford Gold R2.5 for ceiling and R1.5 for external wall. I think that quiet low rate. Also atm i want to add insulation for internal wall too but not sure what's R rate to go ? Many thanks

  2. Hi xiaoyi.
    Rawson provided wall 2.0 and ceiling 3.5 batts as standard. I think both are adequate, with my current house being 1.5 wall and 2.5 ceiling. I'm yet to experience the extra insulation ( clearly) , but the current house insulation is quite comfortable.


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