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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Slab Progress

What an exciting day yesterday! 
I arrived onsite to view the slab pour at 7am and found a hive of activity. The Pump contractors had already run the hoses and put some tyres over the formwork to restrict the hose movement. The concretors were tweaking the formwork following Rick's advice over the weekend, and Mark our Site Supervisor was inspecting the remediation areas advised by Rick.
7am - The troops are ready for action

The first 7m3 truck arrives at 7:15am and causes a little stir on the street. They begin pumping and decide 10 minutes later to move the truck fully onto the council strip due to blockages on the road.
The first of many trucks to feed the pump
The crew begin from the alfresco emptying two trucks in that area alone. The drop edge beams consume the majority of the concrete.
Two trucks down and only 10% there

8:15am - The third truck arrives and gets through the majority of the lounge, dining, kitchen, and tank/ACU pads.
8:30am - 50% complete
9:45 - The fourth truck in action with the cool and calm pump driver and his busy off-sider running madly about shuffling the hose. 
Leveling and smoothing
10:15 - The fifth truck is emptied and we are nearly there. There is alot of finishing work after this as they wait over a hour for another truck.
The pace slows as they approach the finish. Five trucks are ordered for the pour and they still need another for the garage.

10:40am - The concretors begin to remove the top edges of the formwork to complete the edge beam facing. This also avoids any lifting of the slab surface when the formwork is removed later. They refinish the alfresco and other areas that had stakes and frames within the slab surface (such as the ones shown in foreground on the porch dropdown).

11:15am - The final truck arrives and the garage is completed. 

11:45am - Keith is working the surface of the slab with the powered trowel. The slight imperfections on the surface created by the float start to disappear.

4:00pm - The slab is finessed to perfection. A few of the boys are still here tweaking the garage and filling areas. 
Quite an amazing result!

I hope to post some high speed video of the action sometime later this week.
Come back later this week to see the magic ;)

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