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Wednesday 18 November 2015

Brick Work - Week 3 Update

As we started this week, the brickwork has been completed to the first level. Extra bricks were delivered late last week and the green brick waste bin was swapped on Monday 16/11. More sand was also delivered in preparation for the next wave of work.
12/11 1st level brick work nearing completion
12/11 Second delivery of bricks

Yesterday, the scaffold was being erected. This will now allow the bricklayers to continue the upper level brickwork.
We received an update today from the SS, advising that the bricklayers expect to complete the brickwork within two weeks (weather permitting!). He also has lined up a brick clean, with fascia, guttering and roof tiles to follow.
We can now expect the eaves and cladding to be completed prior to Christmas. It will be a relief to know the site will be weather proof before the Christmas break. Fingers crossed the weather doesn't delay the schedule.
17/11 Scaffold delivery

17/11 Scaffold installation on the western boundary

17/11 Hive of activity

Monday 2 November 2015

Brick Work - Day 2 Update

Another epic day of brick work.
Even with one man down, the Labourer and Brickie managed to get another 10 lineal metres bricked.
Laundry door / Dining room window

Dining room window

Lounge window (West back corner)

This crew is absolutely amazing! It's quite exciting seeing so much progress each day. Lets hope the Sydney weather keeps shining!
Special thanks to my assistant's who are supervising the work each afternoon!