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Wednesday 17 June 2015


We had our meeting at Tiles Direct with Kylie a fortnight ago. It was a lengthy process, which neither of us had anticipated.
Whilst our consultant was helpful, we did have trouble selecting our main floor tile (for the ground floor living area) as they really had no suitable timber-look ceramics, due to the very limited range.  We had our heart set on timber-look tiling, so we reluctantly chose not to proceed with the ground floor tiling as a result. Not a good start.
On a positive we had plenty of choice with tiling for our bathrooms and powder rooms. There is a very reasonable range of floor and wall tiles in the Rawson standard. Whilst the standards are good, there are some anomalies in the areas of coverage. This leads to the first variation;
Extra tile supply to cater for ceiling height tiling behind vanity mirrors. But wait.. there's more to this.
Rawson provide a neat 32mm MDF board on the vanity wall, and mount the mirror on the board so that it appears to 'float'. The vanity wall begins at 750mm due to the cabinet height, and has a MDF board on 80% of that wall section. So what exactly are they tiling? I challenged the consultant on this, as she was adding the cost of tiles for the entire wall, when in fact the majority of it is covered by the mirror. This is clearly articulated in the plans that she had received. Still, the consultant needed clarification from Rawson before she conceded that indeed, less tiles are needed.
Other variations relate to;.
  • Brickbond tiling attracts extra labour costs. 
  • The subway tiles and mosaics selected in the main bathroom and powder rooms are not standard.
  • Feature (ie anything that's not off-white) grout.
  • Bermuda Square floor wastes

Tiles selected were largely based on our preference for practical yet timeless colour and a little flair around the mirrors.

Main Bathroom;
Floor - Lisse black 330x330
(Despite the name, this tile is not in fact black, but rather a dark charcoal)

Wall - Gloss white 300x450 (laid horizontal 'stacked')

Vanity Feature wall - Matt black subway 75x150 (laid horizontal 'brickbond') w/ Charred Ash Feature Grout (again, whilst the name is Matt black, it's more of a charcoal colour).

Floor waste - Bermuda Square tile covered

Bed 1 Ensuite;
Floor - Lisse black 330x330

Wall - Gloss white 300x450 (laid horizontal 'stacked')

Vanity Feature wall - Ivory 100x300 (laid horizontal 'brickbond') w/ Charred Ash Feature Grout

Floor waste - Bermuda Square tile covered

Powder Rooms;
Floor - Lisse black 330x330

Vanity Feature wall - White Gloss Hex mosaic 23x23 w/ Slate Grey Feature Grout

Floor waste - Bermuda Square tile covered

Tiling in the ground floor living area will be installed post handover.

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  1. Love your tile selections- looking forward to seeing the feature walls :)


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