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Tuesday 30 June 2015

KD is for Knock Down - Part 2 (Demolition)

Goodbye Fibro Shanty
Firstly, I'd like to discuss our personal experience. DemoCorp is a professional business that conducts demolition in and around Sydney. The team were fantastic to deal with. It was a pleasure to work with James and Belinda who run the business, and Jomana within the admin office.
Together, the team helped make the work a smooth and painless exercise.
I spoke with several neighbours on the adjacent properties who remarked at how well they managed this project. That alone kept my mind at ease. The team also kept the job site and roadway clean and tidy.

Let's go through the chronology of the demolition job and the site preparations since April.

Since April we have been working in the garden to recover some Agapanthus plants and sandstone flagging that will be used later on when we landscape the site.  Unfortunately, there really was absolutely nothing worth saving inside the house.

16th May -> 6th June - Clearing the site of sandstone garden edging and plants which will be recycled.
16/5 Sandstone garden edging removal
17/5 Sandstone stockpile growing!

31/5 Sandstone pile continues to grow!
6/6 Agapanthus piles-a-plenty
 10th June - Jeff from Tree Raider removes large Mango Tree.  No permit required due to it being a fruit tree.
10/6 Mango tree is removed - Note the damaged fence panels due to the Mango Tree.
11th June - Site fencing and Power Disconnected
11/6 - Site Fencing is up and we are ready to go
 12th June - Asbestos removal begins

12/6 Asbestos Cladding is removed
15th June - Work continues with removal of masonry and recycling of materials (steel, copper and such)

15/6 Masonry removal
 16/17th June - Hygienist provides clearance certificate
 18th June - Excavator arrives onsite. Mechanical removal preparations
18/6 11:50am Excavator onsite and ready for mechanical demolition
Mechanical removal begins at 11:50 am.

Completely off topic; If you really want to see Chris hard at work, check out this absolutely amazing video; Giving a Kookaburra a head scratch.

First load is ready for transport 20 minutes later (12:10pm).
18/6 12:10 pm Machine operator (Chris) is ready to load the first truck 20 minutes later ;)
19th June - Strip footings and brick piers being stockpiled and sifted out of the mud. A wet and soggy Friday in Sydney.

19/6 You may notice the bucket is a leaky one. Very good for sifting through the mud.
20th June - 95% complete. No work today, but the site is very clean and mostly ready for the last trailer load.
20/6 Leaky bucket and stockpiles ready for the final load

 22nd June - Site is levelled. All rubbish has been removed and the site is now clean and level.
22/6 Clearance is complete
In less than two weeks, the site is completely clear. That's quite a sobering thought, considered that the build may take 9 months from here.

We have advised the Builder and the clearance certificate was provided by DemoCorp on the 24/6/15. Now it's all up to our builder, Rawson Homes, to get the construction certificate sorted for the next step -  'The Slab'.  Rawson tell us we are still a few weeks from starting.  Once the construction certificate is provided, they still need to obtain a peg-out at the site (done by an external contractor).  We are apparently scheduled for a July start, but no specific date as yet.

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