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Monday 16 February 2015


Tender Results

Today we had a lengthy discussion with the estimator going through all the details of the contract. No surprises really, except a few things that were cleared up after further discussion. These two things were the staircase and storm water PA's (provisional allowances).

The crazy thing about Rawson, is that all staircases in their display homes are non-standard, and in one case, in violation of building & safety standards. When we asked several times about their standard staircase we were told "We don't have one on display" and eventually after multiple requests we were emailed a rather ordinary photograph of a standard, carpeted staircase. It seems that when it comes to staircase design there are multiple options, and Rawson prefer not to fix the price of it.

Storm water, on the other hand is a little more understandable. Hydraulic engineers are only engaged during the planning phase (after contract signing). We will only find out the requirements for the drainage once the experts are employed. Having had issues with storm water and sub soil drainage at our previous home, I will certainly contact the consultants to ensure there is additional surface and subsoil drainage. Call me paranoid, but water is extremely damaging when uncontrolled and untamed.

During the course of the tender presentation, two allowances were removed from the quoted figure, and we were eventually presented with 'Tender B'.  Demolition PA was removed, as we have chosen to outsource this, and our 'Envy' package was gifted. 'Version B' of the contract was drawn up, and we signed.

So now we are officially in pre-construction phase.
Next step to be done within the next month is to decide on exterior colours.
Bricks, gutters, downpipes, facade, facia, doors...

Pictures to come.

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