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Monday 1 February 2016

Roof Progress

After a long break over christmas and new year we have finally got the roof tiled on the upper level. Despite initial advice early december, the roof job was delayed, being only complete on the 19th January. Its quite a relief to finally have some protection after the frames and floor have spent 4 months in the elements.
Onto the pics;

18/1 The crew arrive
18/1 The majority of the tiles have been installed
19/1 Second day
19/1 Ridge capping getting finished

This brings us to a major timeline event as our Site Supervisor has indicated that we are about 2 months from finishing now.
As we approach the next few weeks, we will have a carpenter lining the eaves and fixing the cladding on the upper level. A painter will also need to paint the eaves and cladding before the scaffold is finally removed.
As we are getting close to the final fitout stage, we are finalising plans for post handover works. These are ground floor tiling and carpet for the upper level amongst other things. I'll be posting separate items for these in the coming weeks for others considering these approaches themselves.

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  1. Love it - it's looking great. Only two months to go! (give or take). I'd be beside myself by now. Hopefully that will be us in two months :)


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