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Friday 11 March 2016

Roof Finished

Long time between posts, but we are finally weatherproof with the lower roof sections being completed this week. It's been a challenge to get to this final stage on the roof as Monier (Rawson's supplier of product and trades) controls the whole process. Two contractors were provided the job, after a major back end stuff up last year. Two teams arrived and sorted out the top roof section without much of a drama in January.
Weeks have gone by after the last update. Our SS has struggled to get either contractor back to finish. In any case, after several weeks he managed to get them back to finish after alot of to-and-fro.

Suffice to say, the roof stage has been frustrating that it has taken so long. A site clean has also been completed and the site looks very smart and clean!
9/3 Garage and Home Theatre Roof (sans oxide coat)

9/3 Study Roof in progress
Our independent inspector (Stephen Ryan) inspected the site on Wednesday and provided his Frame report yesterday. I am working with our SS to focus on these issues at the moment. I hope that the rectification work doesnt contribute to delays of other trades and progress like plastering.
This does raise a question though. Would the contents have likely come up with Rawson's QA inspection conducted by Tyrrells? Who knows what would have been contained in their report and would i have been given a copy of their report?
This is certainly a grey area for owners.
Did i just invest in a report that is already part of Rawson's process?
I was not aware that Rawson conducted independent inspections on their builds. This is certainly an area that Rawson could improve on. I feel that Rawson could be more transparent to their clients by explaining the quality control / certification event.

Whats next?
Eaves on the lower roof sections are being completed today.
First stages of waterproofing / shower trays today.
Rawson's certifiers and inspectors will be going through the site next week as they complete their compliance (warranty) and QA process.

I'll post more on the subject of the Frame report next week after Rawson have responded to the rectification works.

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  1. Hi Steven, thanks for posting about your experiences. Looking forward to the 'completed' post :)


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