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Saturday 22 August 2015

Slab Progress - Part 2

As promised earlier this week. I witnessed the slab pour on Monday and took some video so my family could see some action of the event. Here it is;

Thankfully, the slab has been left to cure for the rest of the week. Some areas are now showing drier patches as the slab cures and dehydrates.

Windows also got delivered this week. There are alot of expensive windows lying out the front now. Hopefully the thieves don't help themselves as i certainly don't want any delays by things going missing!
There is a missing edge on the front corner of the garage. The front brickwork should overhang slightly to conceal the downpipe

Kitchen, Family, and Dining room area

Kitchen island plumbing stack
I am a bit baffled by this corner. It is rather damaged as the concretors lifted the stryrofoam early by the looks of it. It's also strangely located on the front edge. I'm not sure how the damaged face of the slab edge with some inlaid brickwork will improve this, and the front face stops abruptly.
The ugly corner

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