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Friday 13 February 2015

Tender Progress

Tender Presentation

We are booked in for Monday 16th. An exciting and scary time for us on our wedding annivesary. Lets hope there is not a massive deviation with site costs and our initial budget numbers.
Soil testing and contour surveying were completed early this week, so the final numbers are being calculated ready to be presented to us on Monday. 
Our sales consultant has promised a verbal walk through of the pricing before our meeting with the estimator. We should know all of the costing by Saturday. At least this way, we can revise/discuss any variations etc. before the dreaded 'sign here' and we'll give you a free upgrade valued at $XXXXX' sales pitch.


Demolition progress so far has been discussions with numerous contractors who responded to our request. Several tyre kickers in the vicinity of our preferred contractor. Only one has gone to site to inspect. A few more quotes from contractors working in the local area will be approached so that hopefully we know exactly who will be leveling the land before the end of February.


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