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Monday, 25 July 2016

June/July Progress Update

Progress onsite over the last few months has been slow and frustrating.

The tiling took a long time to complete. The total time taken was a bit over a month. The tiling job was quite good, but the time taken has affected other installations such as the shower screens and plumbing. Not to mention the overall time added to our build!
18/6 Laundry complete

18/6 Master Bedroom Ensuite Complete

18/6 Master Bedroom Ensuite Shower

18/6 Main Bathroom

Shortly after the tiler completed his work, the plumbers returned to fitout the bathrooms.

30/6 Ensuite - Newbury 1675 Bath

30/6 Ensuite - Wall mount mixers and spouts
The final completion of the stair case railing! After more than 2 months, GENNERAL Stairs return to finish their work. Our railing was lost in an 'Admin' error.
27/6 Finally!

The Painters returned on the 30/6 to finish upstairs and start staining the timber work. Stegbar also turned up to install the show screens. The first of many problems to happen after this point as the frosted glass ensuite screen was incorrectly ordered.
30/6 Eden 4 1040W pivot

30/6 Study RIMM doors

30/6 Ensuite Shower Screen (incorrect glazing)

30/6 Main Bathroom Shower Screen
As the raw plaster sheets and timber skirting now have a coat of paint, the problems start appearing in the finishes such as bowed skirtings, and a bulkhead in the main bathroom is not square (nor is the vanity wall tiling!). Our issues register is getting bigger as we move along!

On a positive note though, the Site fence has been removed and the rubbish piles are disappearing.

1/7 Site fence removal
The month of July has pretty much been devoted to fixing issues on our list. Painters have been popping back every now and then touching up, patching, and sanding.
Bricklayers also came back to fix a few issues and replace some defective brickwork. Still waiting for another visit to fix up some areas before a final pressure clean.

10/7 Stair railing timber stained

10/7 Stair void railing stained


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